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 O Anna Niemus once said...

Death penalties can be imposed by unelected judges and by unelected Pentagon generals. In Iraq death penalties have been caused by .. depleted uranium 80 times the normal level.. which has generated cancer in Iraqis as well as Italian American and other troops . compulsory vaccines from the warprofiteering pharmaco-military industrial complex . Lariam, ostensibly antimalarial drug made by Roche which have killed 4 wives whose husbands had drug caused rage. . heat rising to 137 degrees and melting soap as well as turning metal soda pop cans on a loading dock into chambers in which Nutra Sweet becomes more toxic . Baghdad Boils, face lesions, blamed on sand flies... food poisoning deaths from heat on military packagedmeals . ' friendly fire' . lack of protective gear . helicopter malfunctions in Chinook, Osprey and Black Hawk helicopters . underfunded hospital system . those hostile to the invaders and occupiers of their own Iraq.

In Peace Quotes, by O Anna Niemus

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