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 Steve Allison once said...

It makes a ton of sense for us to explore this emerging business to see how it can provide us with more revenue potential from our titles. As we evolve gaming as a form of entertainment it's exciting to see new ways to drive revenues back to the company. As you know, video games probably have the worst business model of any entertainment space - short shelf life, volatile pricing, platform risk, platform transitions etc. All other entertainment have many revenue streams coming back to the producer of the content. Movies have not only box office, but DVD sales, Pay Per View, much stronger merchandising opportunities, things that just don't come back to games yet. Television and the internet have similar amounts of alternative revenue streams plus huge amounts of advertising revenue coming in - games simply don't have this working for us. It's retail and that's it. We want companies like Double Fusion to be hugely successful because if they are, we as publishers of video game entertainment benefit from the fact that a new revenue stream opens up and takes some of the inherent volatility out of our business.

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