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Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children

Joyce Maguire Pavao Quotes

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Frankly, I adore your catchy slogan "Adoption, not abortion," although no one has been able to figure out, even with expert counseling, how to use adoption as a method of birth control, or at what time of the month it is most effective

Barbara Ehrenreich Quotes

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To accept Christ is to receive Him by faith as your Lord and Savior. But, strictly speaking, the great thing to see is that God has accepted Christ. He took our sins upon Himself, died to make propitiation (the sacrifice which removed the anger of God) for them. But God raised Him from the dead and has taken Him up to glory. God has accepted Christ in token of His perfect satisfaction in His work. Believing this, the soul enters into peace. I simply rest in God’s thoughts about His son.

H. A. Ironside Quotes

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Too many children in foster care are falling through cracks. . . . Be a hero -- take the time learn about adoption today.

Bruce Willis Quotes

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