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The false lapwynge, full of trecherye.

Geoffrey Chaucer Quotes , Source: The Parlement of Fowles (l. 47)

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Changed to a lapwing by th' avenging god, He made the barren waste his lone abode, And oft on soaring pinions hover'd o'er The lofty palace then his own no more.

James Beattie Quotes , Source: Vergil (pastoral 6)

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Amid thy desert-walks the lapwing flies, And tires their echoes with unvaried cries.

Oliver Goldsmith Quotes , Source: The Deserted Village (l. 44)

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Now begin; For look where Beatrice, like a lapwing runs Close by the ground, to hear our conference.

William Shakespeare Quotes , Source: Much Ado About Nothing (Hero at III, i)

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