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9 Rhine river Quotes

On the Rhine, on the Rhine, there grow our vines. [Ger., Am Rhein, am Rhein, da wachsen uns're Reben.]

Matthias Claudius Quotes , Source: Rheinweinlied

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The castled crag of Drachenfels, Frowns o'er the wide and winding Rhine, Whose breast of waters broadly swells Between the banks which bear the vine, And hills all rich with blossom'd trees, And fields which promise corn and wine, And scatter'd cities crowning these, Whose far white walls along them shine.

Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron) Quotes , Source: Childe Harold (canto III, st. 55)

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Beneath me flows the Rhine, and, like the stream of Time, it flows amid the ruins of the Past.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes , Source: Hyperion (bk. I, ch. III)

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I've seen the Rhine with younger wave, O'er every obstacle to rave. I see the Rhine in his native wild Is still a mighty mountain child.

Bayard Ruskin Quotes , Source: A Tour on the Continent--Via Mala

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Dear Fatherland no danger thine, Firm stand thy sons to watch the Rhine! [Ger., Lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein, Fest steht und treu die Wacht am Rhein!]

Max Schneckenburger Quotes , Source: Die Wacht am Rhein

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The air grows cool and darkles, The Rhine flows calmly on; The mountain summit sparkles In the light of the setting sun.

Heinrich Heine Quotes , Source: The Lorelei

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The Rhine! the Rhine! a blessing on the Rhine!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes , Source: Hyperion (bk. I, ch. II)

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You shall never have it, The free German Rhine. [Ger., Sie sollen ihn nicht haben Den freien deutschen Rhein.]

Nikolaus Becker Quotes , Source: Der Rhein, popular in 1840

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Oh, sweet thy current by town and by tower, The green sunny vale and the dark linden bower; Thy waves as they dimple smile back on the plain, And Rhine, ancient river, thou'rt German again!

Horace Binney Wallace Quotes , Source: Ode on the Rhine's Returning into Germany from France

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